How many colleges are in Kalulushi?

Kalulushi has one University and two College: Zambia Catholic University is a private owned university located in President Avenue, Kalulushi, Zambia.

What courses are offered at CBU?

CBU School Of Engineering Programmes

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering (Hons).
  • Bachelor of Science in Construction Management.
  • Diploma in Civil Engineering.
  • Diploma in Construction.
  • Bachelor of Engineering( with Honors )Electrical Electronics.
  • Bachelor of Engineering (with Honors ) Telecommunications.

How much is Catholic university tuition?

49,416 USD (2019 – 20)The Catholic University of America / Undergraduate tuition and fees

Which is the biggest University in Zambia?

The University of Zambia
The University of Zambia is Zambia’s largest university, founded in 1966. It has a student population of about 24,834.

Which one is the best private university in Zambia?

Top Private Universities in Zambia

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# University Town
3 University of Lusaka Lusaka
4 Information and Communication University Lusaka
5 Texila American University Zambia Lusaka …

How much is the application fee at CBU?

Submit your CBU application Pay the $45 application fee (non-refundable) in order to submit your application.

Does Catholic University give scholarships?

The Catholic University Scholarship The amount awarded varies, with the current four-year scholarship ranging from $17,000 to $32,000. Qualifications: Candidates must have an exceptional academic profile as determined by the quality of their high school curriculum, GPA, and class rank (if provided).

Is Catholic university expensive?

is the average tuition and room-and-board cost after scholarships and grants to first-year students….2021–2022 Undergraduate Tuition and Room and Board (First-Year Students, Fall 2021 and later)

Tuition* $51,040
Mandatory Fees $1,116
Room and Board $16,020
Direct Cost $68,176

What is the cleanest University in Zambia?

ZED Students POWER

  • University of Lusaka.
  • Levy Mwanawasa Medical University.
  • Cavendish University.
  • Eden University.
  • Texila American University.
  • Kwame Nkrumah University.
  • Zambia Catholic University.
  • Mulungushi University.