How many copies of the Sunday World are sold weekly?

Sunday World Tabloid Success 1987 400,000 copies of the Sunday World newspaper are sold on the island of Ireland every week.

What is the biggest newspaper in Ireland?

The Irish Independent
The Irish Independent is Ireland’s largest-selling daily newspaper, published in both compact and broadsheet formats.

Who owns the Sunday World?

Independent News and Media
The Sunday World is owned by Independent News and Media which is based in Dublin but which also owns Belfast based titles the Sunday Life and Belfast Telegraph. The company also publishes the Dublin based Independent, Sunday Independent ant and Evening Herald.

Is the Irish Times a Protestant paper?

The Irish Times is considered a newspaper of record for Ireland. Though formed as a Protestant nationalist paper, within two decades and under new owners it had become the voice of British unionism in Ireland.

How many people read the Belfast Telegraph?


Year (period) Average circulation per issue
2016 (January to June) 41,912
2017 (July to December) 36,403
2018 (July to December) 33,951
2019 (July to December) 31,340

Is the Sunday World a tabloid?

The Sunday World is an Irish newspaper published by Independent News & Media….Sunday World.

Type Sunday newspaper
Format Tabloid
Owner(s) Independent News and Media who are a subsidiary of Mediahuis
Editor Brian Farrell
Founded 1973

Who owns Celtic Media?

It is owned by its Irish management team, following a management buy-out led by CEO Frank Mulrennan in 2012. The group was previously owned by Scottish media firm, Dunfermline Press Group.