How many cyber crime in Pakistan?

An alarming increase in cybercrimes in the country can be gauged from the fact that the number of complaints the FIA got on a monthly basis has doubled in just four years, as in 2018 the agency received on an average 4,031 complaints per month but in 2021 the number rose to 8,688.

What are cyber crime in Pakistan?

Cybercrimes Punishments in Pakistan

Type of Cybercrime Punishment
Malicious Code 5 years imprisonment or PKR 5 lac fine
Cyberstalking 3 years imprisonment or PKR 3 lac fine
Spamming 3 years imprisonment or PKR 3 lac fine
Spoofing 6 months imprisonment or PKR 50 thousand fine

What is the punishment for cybercrime in Pakistan?

If anyone spreads the false information about any individual over the internet then it is taken as a cyber crime. Rigorous imprisonment of 3 years and fine of 1 million rupees or both can be imposed on that person. The court may order one of these punishment or both at a time.

Which was the first law in Pakistan against cyber crimes?

The law dealing with cyber crimes in Pakistan is Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, 2016 (“Act”) which is applicable to every citizen of Pakistan wherever he may be and to every other person who is stationed in Pakistan for the time being.

How many website are hacked?

Globally 30,000 websites are hacked daily.

What are the 5 most important cyber laws of Pakistan?

Domestic Cyber Crime Laws of Pakistan

  • Prevention of Electronic Crimes Ordinance, 2007.
  • Electronic Transactions Ordinance, 2002.
  • Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-organisation) Act, 1996.
  • Wireless Telegraphy Act, 1933.
  • Telegraph Act, 1885.
  • Federal Investigation Agency Act, 1974.
  • Payments & Electronic Fund Transfers Act, 2007.