How many days do you have to survive in 60 seconds?

Scavenge/Go Outside for less than 5-6 times. Count the Soup/Water cans. If with 2 people, and have 5 cans and water, you can survive for 50 days. This means you will need 11 cans of soup and 11 water to survive.

Where does 60 seconds take place?

The game takes place in a suburban town as a nuclear bomb is set to detonate in 60 seconds, forcing a family of four to gather as many supplies as possible within the timeframe and then survive and eventually escape to a safer place with what supplies could be gathered….

60 Seconds!
Mode(s) Single-player

How do I get mutant Mary Jane?

She can become a mutant if she is bitten by a mutant spider by doing nothing about them (using boy scout book can also produce same effect), the player does nothing about bugs (the event triggering it will happen with the talking roaches incident, boy scout handbook on left side, bug spray on right side of choice …

What does the harmonica do in 60 seconds?

The harmonica is an item that was added in the Dolores DLC. The harmonica’s music can help you survive the wasteland. Compared to other items in the game, it is very useful, as it is another option for warding off bandits and can be used to increase sanity. The Harmonica can be a yes or no option.

How do you mutate Mary Jane?

How often do you need to feed in 60 seconds?

every 5 days
The best strategy to keep everyone healthy, well-hydratated and properly fed is to give them food and water every 5 days. Scavenging might mess up the rationing scheme though, so pay attention.

How do you get pancake in 60 seconds?

Pancake can be unlocked by completing the following events with the correct objects. If you do nothing in any Pancake scenario, Pancake leaves or dies and you may not get him again. The first event is when Pancake’s growling is heard and the player is given a chance to use the Flashlight to reveal Pancake.

How old is Timmy 60 Seconds?

Timmy appears to be around 11 or 12, but the player can see two photos of a younger Timmy in the scavenging part of the game. Timmy is shown to be the best at scavenging out of all the characters, since he comes back to the fallout shelter the fastest, and is able to scavenge for more items.

Can mutant Mary Jane eat a family member?

It can rarely happen when the fallout is gone, however. Mutant Mary Jane, when starved for too long due to her high need of soup, can eat a family member.

Can mutant Mary Jane get sick?

This means she will not require Water Bottles to survive, but she will require more Soup Cans as a result. She also becomes immune to Sickness, Tiredness, Insanity, and becoming Injured (unless you are playing 60 Seconds!