How many dressage tests are there?

National level dressage competition is governed by the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF). USEF/USDF creates the five levels of “national” tests: Training Level, First Level, Second Level, Third Level and Fourth Level.

What is a good dressage test score?

What is a good dressage score? On average overall scores of 70% or over for a dressage test are considered very good, scores of 60-70% are considered good and if a horse and rider are consistently scoring 60%+ at a level of dressage competition this indicates they may be ready to move onto the next level.

What are the levels in British dressage?

The levels include; Intro, Novice, Elementary, Medium, Advanced Medium, Advanced, Prix St George, Intermediate I, Intermediate II and Grand Prix. Each level is made up of a number of tests that you can work through, each test is unique with tests within the same level sharing the same movements.

What is a Level 3 dressage show?

a show’s level determines which opportunity classes may be held. a Level 1 competition may offer two tests per level at training through Second Levels. a Level 2 competi- tion may offer two tests per level per day at training and First Levels. a Level 3 competition may offer two tests per day at training Level.

What is Level 4 dressage?

Fourth Level is the highest national level of dressage tests. A horse at this level has developed a higher degree of impulsion, uphill balance and self-carriage. New demands on the horse require that he: 1. Enter at canter and halt.

What is entry level dressage?

Introductory Level Dressage is the very beginning of the horse and rider’s development. The purpose of the Introductory Level is to introduce the rider and/or horse to the sport of dressage.

What do judges look for in dressage tests?

Your judge will look for three main things here; the accuracy of the halt, how submissive your horse is to the transition and how direct the transition is. In order to obtain the higher marks, the transitions need to be responsive and the halt as square as possible.

What is the highest dressage level?

Grand Prix Level dressage is the highest level of dressage. This level is governed by the FEI and tests the horse and rider to the highest standards.

What is 2nd level dressage?

Second level dressage adds another element to the horse’s training by starting collected work. This shows that the horse is able to accept weight on the hind quarter, thus giving him the more “uphill” carriage required for pirouettes in his later training.

How to improve your scores at first level dressage?

Always push the free walk. This movement is overlooked time and time again by riders.

  • Ride everything as accurately as possible. While it’s true that you shouldn’t sacrifice a good movement for the sake of accuracy,simple things like making your circles the right
  • Read the directives.
  • How to prepare for your first dressage test?

    Gareth Hughes Masterclass Xtra

  • Charlie Hutton Masterclass Xtra
  • How to succeed at Prelim
  • What is a good result for dressage?


  • Suppleness
  • Contact
  • Impulsion
  • Straightness
  • Collection
  • How to learn a dressage test?

    On your homescreen,Tap and hold Learn A Dressage Test Board until it starts shaking.

  • Once it starts to shake,you’ll see an X Mark at the top of the app icon.
  • Click on that X to delete the Learn A Dressage Test Board app from your phone.