How many hours do ag pilots work?

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Operators Pilots
Average Age 55 47.4
Years in the Aerial Application Industry 27.9 19.4
Years as an Agricultural Pilot 25.7 17.2
Total Hours of Flight Time 12,404 9,564

How many months do ag pilots work?

Work is seasonal, ranging from six to nine months in southern areas to two months in northern sections. The operator usually furnishes the aircraft, trained ground crews, and specialists who decide how the land is to be treated.

What is the work environment like for agricultural pilots?

Work Environment The vast majority of an agricultural pilot’s job takes place outdoors, during the early morning and early evening hours. Their work is demanding and can be hazardous. Workloads are heaviest during the mid- to late-summer months when crops are at their peak.

Is it hard to become an ag pilot?

Being an ag pilot is one of the most exciting jobs in aviation. It requires tremendous skill and precision and takes a significant amount of training.

Is AG pilot a good career?

Being an ag pilot is one of the most exciting jobs in aviation. It requires tremendous skill and precision. If you are good at and enjoy aviation video games, or enjoy the outdoors and rural living, you may be a perfect addition to the agricultural aviation industry.

What do agricultural pilots fly?

Agricultural pilots fly small planes at low altitudes in order to apply pesticides, fertilizers or fungicides on fields. It is an efficient way to spread these applications as it reduces the number of times a farmer has to drive over the field, reducing soil compaction.

How much do ag pilots work?

Typically, an agricultural pilot will fly between 500 and 1,000 hours a year, during the growing season.

Why are crop dusting planes yellow?

He flies an Air Tractor 301A that, like most agricultural planes, is bright yellow. The color makes the low-flying planes visible to the higher-flying aircraft overhead and, “it’s easy to see in the crops after a crash,” Wenzel joked.

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