How many local government has nkanu?

Nkanu West Local Government Area is made up of Agbani, Akpugo, Akegbe Ugwu, Obuoffia, Umueze, Obe, Amodu, Ozalla and Amurri. Nkanu people are predominantly farmers and butchers.It has an area of 225 km2 and a population of 146,695 at the 2006 census….

Nkanu West
3-digit postal code prefix 402
ISO 3166 code NG.EN.NW

What are nkanu people known for?

Nkanu peoples live in an area of central Africa that is rich with historical narratives and events. They are situated between Kongo and Yaka peoples, both powerful empires during the last couple of centuries. As such, their own history is best understood when viewed within the context of the whole region.

How many towns are there in Nkanu East?

Its headquarter is located in the town of Amagunze. Communities in Nkanu East Local Government Area include Akpawfu, Ugbawka, Nkerefi, Mburubu, Nomeh Unateze, Nara Unateze, Owo, Ubahu, Amaechi Idodo, Ama Nkanu, Oruku, Amagunze and Ihuokpara.

How many communities are in Nkanu West?

There are thirty three (33) towns that make up Nkanu -West local Government Area of Enugu State.

Where is the headquarter of nkanu East?

Nkanu East is a Local Government Area of Enugu State, Nigeria, bordering Ebonyi State to the east. Its headquarter is located in the town of Amagunze.

How many villages are in agbani?

ten villages
It is a town with about ten villages which are Amaiyi, Orjiagu, Ogbeke, Mbaogodo, Obeagu, Amafor, Ndibinagu, Ajame, Umuoyida, and Ndiagu amafor. It has its own post office with its postcode as 402004.

Which local government is agbani?

Nkanu West Local Government area
Agbani is located in Nkanu West Local Government area of Enugu State, Nigeria.

Where is Amankanu located?

Amankanu, Amuri, Nkanu West, Enugu is located in Nigeria. Its zip code is 402106.

Is Agbani Darego married?

Ishaya DanjumaAgbani Darego / Spouse (m. 2017)

In April 2017, Darego married her longtime partner Ishaya Danjuma, son of billionaire General Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma, in a ceremony held in Marrakesh. Together they have a son who was born in September 2018, and welcomed another child in December 2020.