How many Lulus are there in Kuwait?

Today, LuLu symbolizes quality retailing with 225 stores and is immensely popular with the discerning shoppers across the Gulf region.

Which is the biggest LuLu in Kuwait?

Billed as the biggest hypermarket in the city of Kuwait, the 230,000 sq. ft. Lu&Lu Hypermarket in Dajeej, off the Sixth Ring Road was inaugurated on Saturday, 15th February, 2014 at 11:00 am.

How many LuLu Hypermarket are there in Gulf?

220 LuLu retail outlets
HOW MANY OF THE LULU BRAND HYPERMARKETS ARE THERE IN THE GULF REGION? There are more than 220 LuLu retail outlets in the Gulf region.

How many LuLu malls are there in the world?

LuLu Group International

Type Limited liability company
Number of locations 207 stores
Area served Asia (including the GCC and MENA) Africa Europe America
Key people Yusuff Ali (Founder and Managing Director)
Revenue US$ 7.4 billion (Mar 2020)

Who is owner of LuLu?

Yusuff Ali M.A
Founded by the acclaimed business visionary Yusuff Ali M.A, LuLu Group has become a key contributor in the Gulf region’s economic standing with an annual turnover worth USD 8 billion.

How old is Lulu Hypermarket?

It was founded in 2000 by M. A. Yusuff Ali from Nattika, Thrissur district in Kerala, India. LuLu Group International mainly operates the international chain of hypermarkets named “Lulu Hypermarket”. LuLu has over 57,000 employees of various nationalities.

How do I book an appointment for Lulu Hypermarket Kuwait?

Lulu Shopping Appointment Booking in Kuwait

  1. Step 1 : Enter the website mentioned below Lulu Shopping appointment website.
  2. Step 2 : Please enter your information correctly. Civil ID, Civil Serial, Email Address, Cell Phone, Reservation Time and period, Booking destination.
  3. Step 3 : Choose the Market.

Which countries have LuLu Hypermarket?

Retail stores present in the UAE, India, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Egypt, Malaysia, and Indonesia; with distribution companies located in India, US, Europe, Middle East countries, and the Philippines and more trading offices expected to rise in Turkey, and Vietnam.

Which is the largest LuLu Mall in the world?

With a total built up area of 2,000,000 sq ft (190,000 m2), it is one of the largest malls in India and the largest Mall in Kerala. The shopping mall is located along the side of National Highway 66 at Aakkulam near Technopark the largest IT park in India….Lulu International Shopping Mall, Thiruvananthapuram.

Lulu Mall Thiruvananthapuram during Night
Parking 3800+

Who is owner of Lulu?