How many lyretail anthias should I get?

Best approach I have found with anthias, and lyres particularly, is to add at least 3 females. Let them decide who gets to be the male. Lots of space and frequent feedings will help to mitigate aggression.

Are lyretail anthias aggressive?

Temperament: In general, Lyretail Anthias are peaceful fish that will get along with other tank inhabitants, so long as they are provided a proper diet and enough room to freely swim about. When underfed or kept in cramped conditions, they have been known to become aggressive towards smaller, more passive fish.

Are lyretail anthias Hardy?

Relatively hardy, they usually eat very well, and adapt readily to captive life. They are an excellent choice for the first time anthias keeper. Lyretail anthias are protogynous hermaphrodites, meaning they all start life as females.

Are lyretail anthias reef Safe?

As active planktivores, lyretail anthias are reef-safe fish. They may investigate your live rock, but they won’t hassle your corals. Even your other invertebrates are safe from harm. Well, unless you have tiny ornamental shrimp in your tank.

Do Anthias jump?

They can absolutely jump.

Do Anthias eat copepods?

They eat small organisms that float around in the water column, including copepods, crustacean larvae, and fish eggs.

What is lyretail Molly?

The Lyretail Molly is a handsome fish that makes a peaceful addition to most aquariums. Lyretail Mollies prefers hard, alkaline water conditions and may not thrive in aquariums with acidic or soft water. Lyretail Mollies has the ability to adapt to a variety of salt levels in the aquarium.

Can you mix different types of anthias together?

yes. there is always a pecking order, but you can. there are worse fish to combine, anthias are not too aggressive, and after the initial bullying, all will be fine.