How many mandals are there in Nandyal division?

The newly formed Nandyal district is larger than the residual Kurnool. The new district has 29 mandal when compared to 26 in the residual one.

Who is collector of Nandyal?

District Administration

Name Designation Email
Sri Dr. Manazir Jeelani Samoon, I.A.S Collector & District Magistrate collector-nandyal[at]ap[dot]gov[dot]in
Ms. N. Mourya, I.A.S., Joint Collector jc-nandyal[at]ap[dot]gov[dot]in

How many constituencies are there in Nandyal district?

Nandyal Lok Sabha constituency is one of the twenty-five lok sabha constituencies of Andhra Pradesh in India….Nandyal (Lok Sabha constituency)

Reservation None
State Andhra Pradesh
Total Electors 15,76,945
Assembly Constituencies Allagadda Srisailam Nandikotkur Panyam Nandyal Banaganapalle Dhone

Which villages comes under Nandyal district?

Villages in Nandyal Mandal

Sl No Village Name Village Code
1 Ayyalur (OG) (Part) 594317
2 Bheemavaram 594305
3 Billalapuram 594307
4 Brahmanapalle 594312

How many divisions are there in Kurnool district?

Kurnool district
Country India
State Andhra Pradesh
Headquarters Kurnool
Administrative Divisions 2 Revenue divisions 25 Mandals 898 Villages (870 inhabited, 28 uninhabited) 8 Towns (5 statutory, 3 census)

Why is Nandyal famous?

Nandyal is also very well known because of its lentil crops. Nandyal was the native place of Pingali Suranna who was a well known poet in the court of the Vijayanagar Emperor Krishnadevaraya of the Tuluva Dynasty. About 50 Kms from Nandyal is a temple of Lord Shiva called Yaganti.

How many constituencies are there in Nandyal?

Who is Kritika Shukla?

Dr. Kritika Shukla IAS (Andhra Pradesh 2013), has been appointed as DISHA Special Officer created out of IAS cadre along with existing post of Director, Women Development and Child Welfare.

Who is MLA of Nandyal?

Silpa Ravi Chandra Kishore Reddy of YSR Congress Party is currently representing the constituency….Nandyal (Assembly constituency)

Total electors 2,56,573
Reservation No
Member of Legislative Assembly
Current MLA Silpa Ravi Chandra Kishore Reddy