How many passes are in India?

List of mountain passes of India

Name State Height (ft/m)
Jalori Pass Himachal Pradesh 10,280 ft (3,132 m)
Khardung La Ladakh 17,582 ft (5,359 m)
Khunjerab Pass Ladakh
Kongka Pass Ladakh 16,965 ft (5,171 m)

What are the two passes in India?

Some of the most important passes in the country are Zoji La (Pass), Banihal Pass, Shipki La (Pass), Bara-Lacha Pass, Rohtang Pass, Mana Pass, Niti Pass, Nathu La (Pass), Jalap La (Pass).

What are the major passes in India?

Some of the Important Mountain Passes India are:

  • Zoji La.
  • Bara- Lacha Pass.
  • Mana Pass.
  • Shipki La.
  • Jelep La.

Which is the longest pass in India?

Khardung La
Elevation 5,359 m (17,582 ft)
Location Ladakh, India
Range Himalaya, Ladakh Range
Coordinates 34°16′42″N 77°36′15″E

Where is Zojila Pass?

Zoji-La Pass is a high mountain pass that runs through the Kashmir valley to Ladakh. Situated at an altitude of 3528 m above sea level, it is one of the most treacherous passes in the world making is a favorite of many adventure and thrill seekers, as well as bike riders.

Where is Banihal Pass?

Jammu and Kashmir union territory
Banihal Pass, pass in the Pir Panjal Range in the Indian-held sector of Jammu and Kashmir union territory in the northern part of the Indian subcontinent. Banihal—a name that in Kashmiri means “blizzard”—lies at an elevation of 9,290 feet (2,832 metres) in the Doda district.

Where is baralacha pass?

Bara-lacha la also known as Bara-lacha Pass, or Bārā Lācha La, (el. 4,850 m or 15,910 ft) is a high mountain pass in Zanskar range, connecting Lahaul district in Himachal Pradesh to Leh district in Ladakh.

Where is Zojila Pass located?

Which pass connects Arunachal Pradesh and Tibet?

Bomdi La Pass
The correct answer is Bomdi La Pass. At an elevation of 2,217 meters, the Bom Di La Pass is situated in the Himalayan Range in the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. The mountain pass links Arunachal Pradesh’s western border with Lhasa, which was once the Tibetan Kingdom’s capital.