How many Substories are in Yakuza 5?

78 Substories
There are 78 Substories in Yakuza 5, which seems like quite a daunting number. Fortunately, Yakuza 5 makes keeping up with and completing them easy.

How many Kiryu Substories are there?

There are 100 substories for this game.

What city is Kiryu in Yakuza 5?

Kiryu arrives back in Kamurocho, intent on learning the truth.

Is Kazuma Kiryu a virgin?

Yakuza writer, designer, and producer Masayoshi Yokoyama admitted in an interview he believes Kiryu is a virgin, and he currently doesn’t seem to have any interest in making the beast with two backs.

Can you miss Substories in Yakuza?

Fortunately, Sega took a look at this stuff when it went to work on Yakuza Kiwami 2, and there is no missable content in it. The caveat to this is that you do have to wait until specific points in the game for substories to show up, and some of them can only be started at certain times of the day.

Can you miss Substories in Yakuza 0?

are substories missable? No. You can do them at *any* time, including in New Game+ and completed save files.

Which Ryu ga Gotoku studio game has been delayed the longest?

Yakuza 5 had the longest delay between its Japanese and worldwide releases of all internationally-released Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio titles, at 1,097 days. Outside Japan, Yakuza 5 on PlayStation 3 was a digital-only release.

How many substories are there in Yakuza Like a dragon?

The following is a list of substories for the game Yakuza: Like a Dragon. There are 52 substories for this game. Who’s That Sujimon!? One Man’s Trash…

Is Yakuza 5 a good game Famitsu?

Yakuza 5 is the 20th game to receive a perfect 40/40 score from the Japanese video game magazine Famitsu. Yakuza 5 was released in the west on December 8th 2015; 10 years to the day after the release of the original Yakuza game in Japan. Yakuza 5 has the highest number of chapters of any Yakuza game, with 21.

Where can I find the substories for Kiryu?

These substories all open up at different times during the chapter. Most of them are available once you get Kiryu’s new suit, though. If they’re available only at other times, I’ll say there. First, you must complete Majima’s “Rise of the Dragon”. Go to Senryo Ave., north of Shoten, and find two women gossiping about a fortune teller.