How many types of Senegal parrots are there?

The Senegal parrot is native to the woodlands of central western Africa. The Poicephalus genus of parrots is a group that includes 10 species from central Africa, identified by stocky bodies, short tails, and relatively large heads and beaks.

How much does a Senegal parrot cost?

With this in mind, how much does a Senegal parrot cost? To answer this question…a Senegal parrot costs $200 to $500 depending on the breeder and health/age of the parrot. This price is pretty fair and straightforward in the parrot market, especially since some parrots can be thousands of dollars.

What kind of parrot is a Senegal?

Senegal parrot
Family: Psittacidae
Tribe: Psittacini
Genus: Poicephalus
Species: P. senegalus

Are Senegal parrots rare?

With nesting grounds found commonly all over the West African continent, the Senegal parrot is a common bird in the wild, as well as in captivity.

What color are Senegal parrots?

The Senegal Parrot, about 9 inches long, isn’t a “flashy” bird, like some other companion parrots of the same size. They are mostly dark green and brownish-gray with an iridescent green throat, orange thighs, with a yellow chest.

How can you tell the difference between a male and female Senegal parrot?

Mature Senegal parrots can usually be sexed by careful examination of the under-tail (ventral) coverts. The middle photo shows an adult female Senegal with a mixture of green and yellow in the under-tail coverts. Even the slightest trace of green in these feathers indicates a female.

How long do pet Senegal parrots live?

30 years
With a lifespan of over 30 years, the Senegal Parrot is a good pet for the intermediate bird owner. Senegals can become nippy if they don’t get their way, so they may not make the ideal child’s pet.

Do all Senegal parrots talk?

Some Senegal parrots can learn dozens of words and basic human phrases, but not all learn to talk well. Most Senegal parrots can learn to talk, but they only learn basic words and phrases. They’re one of the quieter parrot species, and they prefer to whistle, chatter, and squawk.

How many years does a Senegal parrot live?