How much did knoll house sell for?

Knoll House hotel in Studland Bay, Dorset has been sold by the Ferguson family, which has owned and run the hotel for nearly 60 years. Savills sold the 84-bedroom property to “a high net worth individual” for an undisclosed price; the guide price was reported to be £15m.

Who owns Knoll House hotel Studland?

Kingfisher Resorts Studland Limited
Kingfisher is a joint venture between the Armstrong and the founding members of Kingfisher, who have a long track record in both UK and European luxury hotels and resorts. The teams have previously worked together on the UNA St Ives project.

Who owns Studland Bay House?

The Ferguson family sold Knoll House Hotel in 2017 and siblings Michael and Sarah Ferguson now own Studland Bay House.

Where is Knoll Beach Studland?

Knoll Beach is situated down Hardy’s Road, just off Ferry Road in Studland.

Who owns Studland beach?

the National Trust
Studland Bay. Studland’s 5km of sandy beach is a popular tourist destination, owned and managed by the National Trust since 1982.

Can you sleep on Studland beach?

over a year ago. Camping overnight is forbidden by the National Trust on this beach, but if you’re very careful you shouldn’t have much problem with some determination.

Why is Studland Bay under threat?

The supply of sand to the south cannot keep up, which leads to erosion. Easterly storms also have an impact on Studland’s beaches, causing large amounts of sand to be washed from the beach into the bay. Some sand may wash back into shore over time but much will not return.

Are there toilets at Studland Bay?

Toilets are open at Shell Bay, Knoll Beach and Middle Beach. BBQs are not allowed anywhere on the beach or heathland.

Why is Studland Bay popular?

Studland Bay is highly renowned for its ecological and conservation value. It has a high biodiversity with many nationally rare species such as smooth snake, Dartford warbler and heath tiger beetle.

How was Studland Bay made?

Sand began being deposited on the eastern shore of the Studland peninsula only about 500 years ago: the beach we all enjoy is just the seaward edge of a dune system that has been growing ever since. In that time the dunes have formed a barrier that has separated Little Sea, a freshwater lake, from the sea itself.