How much do college strength and conditioning coaches make?

What are NCAA Strength Coach salaries? The base salary for Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches ranges from $38,353.00 to $51,879.00 with an average base salary of $44,907.00 annually, which is similar to the typical Sports Performance Coach and Athletic Training Coordinator salary.

How do I get a job in strength and conditioning?

Most organizations and teams require applicants for strength and conditioning coach positions to have a bachelor’s degree. The curriculum for a bachelor’s program in exercise science may include courses in injury prevention, exercise psychology, nutrition, performance coaching, and tactical strength and conditioning.

Is strength and conditioning a good career?

The most obvious of the jobs, a strength and conditioning coach has an average salary of $48,200 and is exactly what the degree entails. These coaches provide exercise counseling to athletes to improve their strength, speed, and endurance.

How much does a d2 strength coach make?

Strength And Conditioning Coach average salary by State

State Avg. Salary Hourly Rate
California $60,964 $29.31
Colorado $41,698 $20.05
Connecticut $46,329 $22.27
Delaware $45,014 $21.64

How much do D1 strength coaches make?

The typical D1 Training Speed and Strength Coach salary is $49,463. Speed and Strength Coach salaries at D1 Training can range from $47,444 – $60,970.

Who is the highest paid college strength coach?


Rank Coach Total Pay*
1 Mickey Marotti $801,150
2 Rob Glass $725,000
3 Ben Herbert $700,000
4 Joey Batson $625,000

What should I major in to be a strength and conditioning coach?

The best college major for high school strength and conditioning jobs is physical education. In four years, you can earn a bachelor’s degree and complete the internship necessary to get a job. Teachers are needed across the country and in all environments, urban and rural.

What are the cons of being a strength and conditioning coach?

4 cons of being a fitness trainer

  • Inconsistent income. Whether you work for yourself or for an employer, income can be inconsistent as a personal trainer because your earnings depend on how many clients you work with each week.
  • Challenging clients.
  • Risk of injury.
  • Inconvenient work hours.

How hard is it to become a strength and conditioning coach?

Strength and conditioning jobs can be found with high schools, colleges and universities, and professional sports teams. These jobs require a bachelor’s degree and certification. The highest paying jobs, especially those at the university or professional team level, require master’s degrees.

Who is the highest paid college Strength Coach?

What is Jerry Schmidt salary?


Rank Coach Total Pay*
2 Rob Glass $725,000
3 Ben Herbert $700,000
4 Joey Batson $625,000
5 Jerry Schmidt $575,000