How much do English tutors make in Hong Kong?

In order to teach English in Hong Kong, most teachers will require a bachelor’s degree and either TEFL certification or at least two years prior teaching experience. The average salary for teaching in Hong Kong is $3,000 to $7,400 per month.

How much do tutors make in Hong Kong?

The average salary for Tutor is HK$20,000 per month in the Hong Kong. The average additional cash compensation for a Tutor in the Hong Kong is HK$45,000, with a range from HK$30,000 – HK$60,000. Salaries estimates are based on 16 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Tutor employees in the Hong Kong.

Are teachers in demand in Hong Kong?

Teach English in Hong Kong: Native Speakers Are in Demand Hong Kong, as seen from the peak. Now is an excellent time to teach in Hong Kong as there is a huge demand for both experienced and inexperienced teachers.

How much does English tutoring cost in China?

Tutoring costs per hour in China’s megacities can span from $14 to hundreds of dollars. Even in a smaller city where math tutor Ding teaches, he said junior high students spend roughly 8,000 yuan ($1,200) a year on tutoring.

Can you save money teaching English in Hong Kong?

Teachers in Hong Kong can typically save between $500 and $1,500 USD per month depending on their lifestyle.

How many teachers are there in Hong Kong?

Of the 4,050 teachers, 3,580 were from public schools and the rest were from direct subsidy schools.

How many Hong Kong students are there in the UK?

Fifth on the list is Hong Kong, with a total of 16,655 students currently enrolled in UK universities. The five other non-EU countries (in the top 10) sending the most students to the UK are Pakistan (12,975), Malaysia (11,510), Saudi Arabia (8,825), Canada (6,785), and Singapore (6,580).

How much do private tutors charge in China?

As stipulated by first-tier cities like Beijing and Shanghai, offline classes with less than 10 students are 80 yuan per class hour per person, classes with 10 to 35 students are 60 yuan per class hour per person, and if above 35 students, the price is at 40 yuan.

How much is a Chinese tutor in Shanghai?

Private 1-on-1 Class

Class Hours Price per hour (CNY)
120 – 200 150
90 – 119 165
60 – 89 178
120 – 200 190

How can I teach in Hong Kong?

Category 1:

  1. Bachelor’s degree in English (BA or BEd)
  2. Post-graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) majoring in English, like MEd or BEd + teaching license (English)
  3. TEFL/TESL qualification at the diploma level.
  4. At least 1 year post-graduate English teaching experience at secondary level or above (ESL teaching preferred)