How much do med techs make in Chicago?

The average salary for a medical technologist in Chicago Metro Area, IL is $62,000 per year. Medical technologist salaries in Chicago Metro Area, IL can vary between $28,000 to $98,000 and depend on various factors, including skills, experience, employer, bonuses, tips, and more.

How much do med techs make in Illinois?

The average salary for a medical technologist is $32.98 per hour in Illinois. 377 salaries reported, updated at May 24, 2022.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a medical technologist?

Medical technologists conduct laboratory tests, procedures, experiments, and analyses to provide data for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. They analyze bodily fluids like blood, urine, and spinal fluid, to determine the presence of normal and abnormal components.

How do I become a successful medical technologist?

Successful medical technologists have:

  1. A strong interest and ability in science.
  2. Patience.
  3. Reliability and mature judgement.
  4. Ability to function under pressure.
  5. A desire to help others.
  6. Interest in problem solving.
  7. An industrious work ethic.

Is MedTech a good career?

Do I recommend studying Medical Technology: There is a very high demand for medical technologists nowadays, local or abroad, so the employment opportunities are always up for grabs – may it be in the practice of the profession in hospitals and clinics, fields of research, sales, or business.

Is being a MedTech hard?

About my college education: MedTech is a very interesting course. You can learn about chemistry, microbiology, hematology and other related disciplines. It is very tough and you need to have retentive memory for all the information and the theories that you need to remember and understand.

Is MedTech in demand in USA?

Employment of clinical laboratory technologists and technicians is projected to grow 11 percent from 2020 to 2030, faster than the average for all occupations. About 25,900 openings for clinical laboratory technologists and technicians are projected each year, on average, over the decade.

Which country is best for medical technologist?

Five countries claim 53% of the world top 400 Medical Technology universities:

  • United States, 94 or 23.5%.
  • China, 40 or 10%.
  • Germany, 33 or 8.3%.
  • United Kingdom, 23 or 5.8%.
  • Italy, 22 or 5.5%

Is Med Tech a good career?