How much does a Nordic tug cost?

Nordic Tug 32 Boat Review

Length 32’2″
Water capacity 100 gallons
Standard power 220-hp Cummins diesels (in current models)
Typical used boat price $70,000-$290,000
New boat list price $260,400

What is the range of a Nordic tug?

Approximately 1900 NM @
Nordic Tug 44

Overall Length Length Overall – 45′ 6″ / 13.62m (with bow roller & boarding platform)
Range Approximately 1900 NM @ 8 Knots (varies with load and cruising conditions)
Fresh Water 200 gallon/622 Liters
Black Water 45 Gallons/170 Liters
Gray Water 20 Gallons/76 Liters

Can you trailer a Nordic tug?

The 26 is a versatile little boat and due to its size, it’s actually trailerable. Nordic Tugs had an agreement with a trailer manufacturer to provide custom trailers to move the boat by land or to store it out of the water for winter.

How fast can a Nordic tug go?

Standard power came from a 220-hp diesel, which gave the NT32 a cruising speed up to 12 knots; top speed was 15 to 16 knots, the builder says.

What is the range of a Nordic tug 42?

According to the Nordic Tugs’ website, the range of the Nordic Tug 42, operated at 8 knots, is comparable: 1700 miles on 600 gallons. But Nordic Tugs offers other “gears”.

How much is a new Nordic tug 34?

And she was hauled out and repainted including PropSpeed on all the underwater metal in Mar 2022. While Nordic Tugs are styled like a traditional boat, they are engineered to be very modern….

Name of vessel Gadabout
Year 2021
Builder Nordic Tugs
Price $495,000 USD

How much does a new Nordic tug 26 cost?

The introductory price for the “new” 26 is $187,500.