How much does a RUF CTR3 cost?

They also went for a rather striking interior colour. Just 31 examples of the CTR3 were ever built and this one has only completed 1,635 miles from new. That goes some way to explaining RM Sotheby’s current asking price – it’s up for $850,000. Worth every penny.

How much does 918 cost?

Starting MSRP: $845,000* The 918 Spyder is a hybrid supercar with intelligent technology. It’s a dream of a sports car in every way imaginable. You’ll drive with confidence behind the wheel of the 918 Spyder. This hybrid supercar can run on battery, just engine or both.

How much is a 918 Spyder worth?

How much is the Porsche 918 Spyder? If you were able to snag one back when it was new, the base price was an eye-watering $845,000. Fast forward to today, and you’re not sliding into one for under $1 million, with some well-optioned examples claiming close to $2 million at auction.

Does RUF still exist Porsche?

This means the brand is officially recognized as a manufacturer by the German government. As such, all Ruf models have certified Ruf VIN and serial numbers, and are recognized as production models, rather than modified Porsches.

How many RUF yellow birds were made?

29 Yellow Birds
In the end RUF built 29 Yellow Birds, of which this is one. The body is from a normal, slim-hipped 911 Carrera 3.2. The engine is, too, but RUF bored it out to 3.4-litres, added twin-turbochargers, twin-intercoolers and a fuel-injection system originally developed for the Porsche 962.

How many Porsche 918 are there?

As per the moniker, only 918 Spyders were built in 2015. Of that, it’s believed that just 230 were outfitted with the Weissach package. This particular black beauty is one such rarity, making it especially coveted among Porsche collectors.

Is RUF faster than Porsche?

The Yellowbird was fitted with a 3.4L engine and two turbochargers that got about 463 horsepower. At the time, this was much faster than anything Porsche had on the road or track. In 1988, the Ruf CTR broke the 211 miles per hour barrier and became the fastest production car in the world at the time.

What is the cheapest RUF?

What was the lowest recorded sale price for a Ruf Automobile? The lowest recorded sale price was $199,100 for a 2004 RUF RGT RS on November 24 2020.