How much does an Emma Bridgewater mug hold?

The perfect gift for friends and family….Specifications.

Height 12.7cm
Diameter 9.8cm
Capacity 430ml

How big is an Emma Bridgewater mug?

Start your day off right by enjoying your favorite beverage from a beautiful Emma Bridgewater coffee mug. The designer mugs come in a variety of sizes including baby mugs (6 3/4 ounces), 1/2 pint mugs (8 ounces), 1 pint mugs (16 ounces) and cocoa mugs (18 2/3 ounces).

Can Emma Bridgewater mugs go in the microwave?

We recommend you don’t put Emma Bridgewater pottery in the microwave. Our pottery is not oven safe unless marked as cookware. Don’t allow children to use our products in the microwave unsupervised.

What are Emma Bridgewater mugs made of?

All our pottery is made from cream-coloured earthenware in our factory in Stoke-on-Trent, the home of British pottery. Around 230 people work at the Emma Bridgewater Factory on Lichfield Street in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, a site first opened by the Meakin brothers in 1883.

What are seconds Emma Bridgewater?

Our iconic pottery – only featuring some unique blemishes. Bolster your Emma Bridgewater pottery collection with fully functioning pieces at discount prices. Our customers love collecting these one-of-a-kind seconds which promise great prices on plates, mugs, dishes and other ceramic tableware.

What size is a half pint mug?

Half-Pint Mugs (284ml) | Burleigh Pottery – “Half Pint Mug”

Do Emma Bridgewater mugs come in a box?

Request a catalogue Our Shelter mug also makes a perfect gift as it comes boxed.

Is Emma Bridgewater bone china?

In its facility in Stoke-on-Trent, England, most of its goods are produced, while some are made in Poland. Is Emma Bridgewater’s bone china made of bone china? Select fine china, more resilient than earthenware and less breakable. Produced from bone ash, bone china is made from 40 percent bone.

Is Emma Bridgewater closing down?

Pottery giant Emma Bridgewater has closed its decorating studio – due to coronavirus.

How do you tell if an Emma Bridgewater is a second?

Each piece is inspected by hand, if we spot a slight fault in the finish, decoration or shape these become seconds. All seconds are structurally sound but might feature blemishes such as small marks or imperfections in the paint work.

Are Emma Bridgewater mugs bone china?

Bone china is made from 40% bone ash. This makes strong yet thin and delicate pieces which are microwave, dishwasher* and oven safe making each piece ideal for everyday use, not just formal.

Are all Emma Bridgewater mugs hand painted?

There is no computers or laser printing in this factory. Each mug is hand-painted with special sponges to create the iconic designs. More than 40 full-time decorators work for Emma Bridgewater and sign the base of each mug they work on.