How much does it cost to drive through Northwest Trek?

Tours are limited to 15 registered vehicles. Cost: $70 members/$90 non-members per vehicle – your entire household! Daily tours: Every day that we’re open. See hours here.

Does Northwest Trek have military discount?

Military receive a 10% discount on memberships. Must show valid military ID to receive the discount.

How long does it take to walk through Northwest Trek?

5 answers. The tram ride is about 45 minutes. You get to see the animals that are roaming on the outskirts of the park. It takes at least an hour to walk the inner part plus you want to spend time at the discovery center.

Can you drive your own car through Northwest Trek?

– Experience the awe and wonder of seeing a moose or mountain goat from the comfort and safety of your own car. Spot a newborn bison calf with EVERYONE getting a window seat. That’s the new Wild Drive premier tour opening to the public May 27 at Northwest Trek Wildlife Park.

How long is the drive at Northwest Trek?

Please plan for about one hour for the entire experience.

When did Northwest Trek open?

1975Northwest Trek Wildlife Park / Opened

Does Northwest Trek have food?

Our sit-down Forest Cafe is now open. Pick up a snack or beverage at our Trek Treats walk-up kiosk. Outside food is allowed so feel free to bring a picnic lunch or snack.

How many acres is Northwest Trek?

Northwest Trek encompasses 725 acres. That includes the 435-Acre Free Roaming Area, where visitors can take a Wild Drive past bison, mountain goats, caribou, elk, deer and other animals.

Can you bring food to Northwest Trek?

Pick up a snack or beverage at our Trek Treats walk-up kiosk. Outside food is allowed so feel free to bring a picnic lunch or snack.

Is Northwest Trek tram open?

Tram tours are currently on hold while we build for new ones. NOTE: Wild Drive and Keeper Adventure premier tours are separate experiences and require online timed tickets and reservations.

Does Northwest Trek have moose?

Free-Roaming home. Northwest Trek is home to a moose named Aspen. Take a premier tour like Wild Drive or Keeper Adventure Tour and spot her in the Free-Roaming Area.

Is Northwest Trek ethical?

We are nationally accredited by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA), which ensures rigorously high standards of animal welfare, veterinary care, conservation, education and more.

Can you feed animals at NW Trek?

Animals may come very close to your vehicle on your tour but do not touch or feed animals at any time. The animals in our Free-Roaming Area have horns and antlers that can cause vehicle damage and bodily harm.

Who owns Northwest Trek?

Northwest Trek Wildlife Park is a facility of Metro Parks Tacoma, an independent government agency creating healthy opportunities to play, learn and grow since 1907.

Is Northwest Trek humane?