How much does it cost to put a lift on a golf cart?

A lift kit for a golf cart is usually priced around $250. If you install the kit yourself, then your expenses will end there. If you need to hire someone to lift your cart, on average, this will cost you about $75.00 per hour. Lifting a golf cart is a job that will take a few hours.

What is the height of a lifted golf cart?

Long travel kits are typically sold in lift sizes of 6″, 7″, and 8″ heights – these kits are often referred to as Extreme Duty Golf Cart Lift Kits.

What size tires can I put on my ezgo golf cart?

EZ-GO Golf Carts: Most non-lifted (stock) EZ-GOs can fit up to a 20″ tall all terrain tire (20×10-10, 20×10-12) without rubbing if there is no added weight on the back of the cart (flip seat, cargo box, etc.).

How tall is a lifted golf cart?

You can find smaller or bigger carts, depending on your personal preferences.

Golf Cart Length Height
6″ Lifted EZ-GO TXT / RXV Golf Car 93″ 76″
Club Car XRT 950 4×4 or 4×2 103″ 76″
Club Car Precedent w/Back Seat 104” 69″
6 Inch Lifted Precedent w/Back Seat 108″ 77″

How tall is a lifted ezgo golf cart?

First of all, the overall height is about 69 inches or 175 centimeters with a length of 91.5 inches or 232 centimeters. The width of this cart is pretty similar to others on the market – 47.25 inches or 120 centimeters.

What size trailer do I need for a lifted golf cart?

Loading a Golf Cart on a Trailer The standard golf cart will fit in a 5X10 utility trailer without any problems, no matter if it is lifted or has a rear seat on the back. If you have a smaller trailer, you may have to load the golf cart backwards so the rear seat foot tray overhangs the front of the trailer.