How much does NAATI translation cost?

Pricing for a NAATI translation starts at only $69 per document.

How much is NAATI test in Australia?

NAATI is not a cheap exam by any means. The fees for test is $800 (including GST). You can pay by credit card or direct deposit.

Is it easy to pass NAATI CCL?

The NAATI ccl pass rate is overall very low, at around 10-15%. This is because many candidates are not well unprepared for the examination. Some only sit the test as a way of getting points for Australian migration.

Can I give NAATI exam in India?

Testing is available in India at New Delhi, twice a year. Tests are in first week of March and September with application cutoffs on 15 December and 1 July respectively. Seriously, mate, it took about 5 minutes to find that information on the NAATI website.

How much do translators charge Australia?

approximately $77-$99 per document
Most translation agencies in Australia tend to price standard documents at approximately $77-$99 per document. Express translations or urgent translations also attract an urgency surcharge and this varies depending on each agency.

Are translation services expensive?

The price of translation depends on many factors including how rare the language is, but perhaps the main factor is simply how high the living costs are for translators. says that the average translator in America makes $46,968 a year. Other countries have other living costs.

Is NAATI translation free?

Free Translating Service is available for most permanent and some temporary visa holders. Immigration documents need to be translated by a NAATI accredited professional.

Is NAATI test available online?

NAATI CCL tests are delivered online, Monday to Friday.

Does NAATI expire?

Generally, NAATI skills assessments are valid for three years.

Which NAATI for PR?

NAATI CCL Test If you are looking for benefits in your Australia Permanent Residency goals, you are eligible to claim 5 points under Credentialed Community Language (CCL) points at the Paraprofessional level or above, upon successful accreditation from NAATI.

Is NAATI test online?

NAATI CCL tests are delivered online via ProctorExam. Candidates with test sessions will receive an email approximately one week prior to test day, with instructions to check their equipment and access to the online platform.

What’s the hourly rate for a translator?

$ 35.33
Geographic profile for Interpreters and Translators:

State Employment (1) Hourly mean wage
California 6,970 $ 35.33
Texas 5,420 $ 25.43
Florida 3,230 $ 24.63
New York 2,750 $ 38.77