How much does the Mile High Swinging Bridge cost?

Admission rates: $20 for adults, $18 for seniors (60+), $9 for children and no charge for children under age four. Grandfather Mountain’s backcountry trails (which link to the Park’s Mile High Swinging Bridge) may be accessed for free from outside of the Park attraction.

How long is the Mile High Swinging Bridge?

228-feet long
The Mile High Swinging Bridge is a landmark within Grandfather Mountain. The bridge was originally built in 1952 then rebuilt in 1999 when the cables, floorboards and side rails were replaced with galvanized steel. The Mile High Swinging Bridge has an elevation of 5,280 feet and is 228-feet long.

Do you have to pay for Mile High Swinging Bridge?

Walking across the Mile High Swinging Bridge is included in your Grandfather Mountain admission ticket that includes many other things to do in our nature park. Buy tickets online and book a reservation time to enter the park. You do not need a separate reservation for the bridge.

How can I hike Grandfather Mountain for free?

— Guests wishing only to hike can access Grandfather Mountain State Park for FREE from one of the two off-mountain trailheads located either on the Blue Ridge Parkway (or U.S. 221 in winter) or N.C. 105. A trail map will be available when hikers register at the trailhead.

Can you drive to the top of Grandfather Mountain?

Rock formations on Grandfather Mountain date back 1.2 billion years. There are two areas to enjoy this amazing mountain. Most visitors head around the mountain from Sugar to drive to the top (make online reservations in advance!).

How much time do you need at Grandfather Mountain?

Two hours for a basic visit.

Is Grandfather Mountain a hard hike?

Technical / Strenuous Hike: Grandfather Trail along Crest Grandfather Trail: This 2.4-mile challenging trek is for experienced hikers, since there are areas of rocky cliffs where progress is hand-over-hand, with cables and ladders.

Is the Blowing Rock worth it?

The small entrance fee and easily accessible paths combined with the gorgeous views and the fun geologic anomaly make this site worth a quick visit.

Are there waterfalls at Grandfather Mountain?

The hike to Rough Ridge gives hikers stunning views of Grandfather Mountain State Park and the surrounding hills and valleys. About a mile and a half into the hike, you come across a gem of a waterfall under a gorgeous wooden bridge. This is a great spot to explore and refill waters if you have a water filter!

How can I hike Grandfather Mountain without paying?