How much does V1 Golf app cost?

V1 Golf PLUS membership is offered as an annual subscription. Regular pricing on iOS devices is $59.99/year (renewed automatically) and $39.99/year for Android. You can also subscribe within your V1 Golf app!

How much does V1 Game cost?

Auto-renewing subscriptions cost $59.99/year or $6.99/month. Non-renewing subscriptions (allowing 7-day access) can be purchased for $9.99. Learn more about the V1 Game mobile app here: Apple users may download the app from the App Store.

How do I share a video between devices?

Tap the Share icon and then select Nearby Share. At the Nearby Share screen, wait for any nearby devices to appear, then tap the name of the device to which you want to share the file.

How do you draw lines on a V1 Golf app?

Hold down the Shift or Ctrl key on your keyboard to “snap” to a perfectly vertical, horizontal, or 45 degree line. The Spline Tool automatically draws a smooth curve between the points you click, in the order that you click them.

What is best strokes gain app?

The 5 Best Strokes Gained Apps For Golfers

  1. Circles. With so many things you could work on to improve, Circles helps you understand exactly where you should focus to optimize your training and get results faster.
  2. Decade.
  3. Arccos.
  4. UpGame.
  5. Golfmetrics.

How do you track strokes gained?

How are Strokes Gained Defined?

  1. Total. Compares a golfer’s score to the rest of the “field”
  2. Strokes Gained. Total Calculation = Strokes gained: Off-the-tee + Strokes gained:Approach-the-green + Strokes gained:Around-the-green + Strokes gained:Putting.
  3. Tee-to-Green.
  4. Off-the-Tee.
  5. Approach-the-Green.
  6. Around-the-Green.
  7. Putting.

What is the V1 golf app?

“The V1 Golf app is the premier app for golfers that really want to improve.” V1 Game provides complete round and career performance data. It’s easy to use and read the statistics. “Streaming high def video into the new V1 Premium Laptop System has upped my students’ expectations and their learning experience.”

How much does the V1 golf plus cost?

In-App Purchases. V1 Golf Plus (Monthly) $6.99. V1 Golf Plus (Annual) $59.99. Developer Website. App Support.

How do I contact V1 sports customer support?

Customer support. V1 Sports offers a number of support channels to all of our customers regardless of which products you’ve purchased from us. Here are those options. The fastest way for any customer to get support is to submit a ticket. Tickets are sent directly to our Support Representatives.

What is V1 sports?

With more than 10,000 coaches and 3 million athletes, V1 Sports has become the preferred video analysis solution for the most respected coaches, instructors, athletes, and training facilities around the world. “The V1 Golf app is the premier app for golfers that really want to improve.”