How much does Yellowdig cost?

Cost: $9.95 for the term per course. How to Pay: When you access your course in Canvas for the first time, you will see a link to Yellowdig within the course navigation.

What is yellowdig engage?

Yellowdig Engage is an external discussion board that is integrated into Blackboard. It provides a different look and feel, as well as a different perspective on discussions. For more information, visit

Is Yellowdig free?

Get Started With Yellowdig Today For Free!

Is virtual schooling as good as in person classes?

While some studies have found in-person classes to be more effective on average than online classes, some students do better with virtual learning than in-person courses. However, students who struggle with in-person education tend to have an even more difficult time learning online.

How do you make a Yellowdig account?

Your Yellowdig account gets created by performing any of these actions:

  1. Launching into an LTI-integrated Yellowdig Community from your Learning Management System course.
  2. Accepting an Email Invitation to a Network or Community.
  3. Following a Share Link to a Community.

Is Yellowdig an LMS?

Yellowdig is a social learning platform designed for higher education that integrates with any LMS. Many instructors use it instead of LMS discussion forums. The best part is that it’s auto-graded and auto-populates grades to your gradebook in any LMS!

How do I post on Yellowdig?

Creating, Using, and Deleting Topics

  1. Select Settings (left side navigation) → Topics.
  2. Enter the Topic name in the blank space under “Add a new topic”.
  3. Click the Submit button.
  4. Select the Edit button next to listed a Topic to rename or edit colors.
  5. Click Save Changes button.

How do you make a yellow dig account?

What are the cons of online school?

Cons of Online School

  • Not all classes exist online. Some classes and degrees cannot be earned totally online.
  • There is less interpersonal connections. Online schools do not typically offer the “campus experience” that many crave when they go to college.
  • There are also more distractions.
  • Online can be challenging.

How do I download Yellowdig?

To download a detailed log of each Community Member’s activities (e.g., Posting, Commenting, Upvoting), click the DOWNLOAD POINTS REPORT button. To download a basic report with each student’s total Yellowdig points and Participation Grade, click the DOWNLOAD OVERVIEW POINTS REPORT.