How much is 100 euro in MoneyGram?

€ 0.215
Therefore, the rates displayed here refer to past data and are not applicable today….Convert Naira to Euro in Moneygram.

Naira Euro
50 Nairas to Euro € 0.1075
100 Nairas to Euro € 0.215
200 Nairas to Euro € 0.43
500 Nairas to Euro € 1.075

What is the rate for MoneyGram?

MoneyGram Fees FAQs MoneyGram fees at Walmart are the same at any other MoneyGram location: typically a flat $1.99 for most transfers within the United States, if being sent directly to a recipient’s bank account or debit card.

How much does MoneyGram charge to send 1000?

Compare the cost of money transfers using MoneyGram and Western Union to see which one is the cheaper option to send money, while comparing to alternatives….Western Union vs. MoneyGram Money Transfers.

Destination/Service France
Western Union $100 $11
Western Union $1,000 $26
MoneyGram $100 $10.99
MoneyGram $1,000 $25.99

Which bank has MoneyGram in Pakistan?

Other MoneyGram agents in Pakistan include: Bank AL Falah, Wall Street Exchange, MCB Bank Limited , KASB Bank , Tameer Bank , Bank AL Habib , Paracha International Exchange, Dollar East Exchange, and Royal Exchange .

How much does it cost to send 500 MoneyGram?

The fee for a transfer with MoneyGram varies depending on the amount you want to transfer. MoneyGram charges a flat $5 fee to send amounts between $1 to $49 and a flat rate of $11.50 on amounts between $50 and $499. The fee on amounts of $500 and above is 2%. There is also a maximum amount of $10,000 per transfer.

How much does MoneyGram charge to send $2500?

Can I send 3000 through MoneyGram?

How much money can I send online? For most countries, you can send up to $10,000.00 per online transfer, and up to $10,000.00 every 30 calendar days. If necessary, you may send additional funds from a MoneyGram agent location in the the United States.

How can I get MoneyGram in Pakistan?

How to receive money in person at a MoneyGram agent location in Pakistan

  1. Find a location. Find a MoneyGram agent location near you.
  2. Complete the form, if applicable. If required, complete a simple receive form entering the reference number given to you by the sender.
  3. Receive your funds.

Can we use MoneyGram in Pakistan?

MoneyGram Adds Four Banks and 650 Agent Locations in Pakistan.

How much does MoneyGram charge to send $10000?

The service costs $1.99 from debit cards and allows users to send up to $10,000 per transaction – “a considerably higher amount than similar offerings from other companies,” Moneygram noted.

How much does MoneyGram charge to send $2000?