How much is distance learning at UNZA?

Details of UNZA Distance Fees 2022/2023

Category Amount Period
Arts Based K2,156.00 Per Year
Science/Medicine Based Programmes K2,596.00 Per Year

Does UNZA offer distance?

Distance Education. The University of Zambia (UNZA), through IDE, has been offering distance education since 1966.

How do I apply for distance learning at UNZA?

Visit the Institute of Distance Education website by typing in your web browser (Mozilla, chrome, internet explorer, etc.) Select the term you want to apply for (e.g. 2020, 2021, etc.) Select the program you wish to apply for (e.g. Bachelor of Accounting and Finance, Master of Business Administration, etc.)

How many years is distance learning?

For many distance learning courses with flexible study – also sometimes known as intermittent study – the length of time taken to complete the course can take anywhere up to six years to complete.

How does distance learning work in Zambia?

Distance Education – Zambia. Distance education is traditionally defined as, any educational or learning procedure in which the guide and the student are separated geographically. There is no interaction between students. Present-day distance learning is influenced a lot by computer and electronics technology.

How much are the school fees at Unza?


Category Zambian Non-SADC Candidates
Category A: Per Academic Year K16,789.00 $7,460.00
Category B: Per Academic Year K18,358.00 $8,660.00
Category C: Per Academic Year K21,808.00 $9,310.00

What courses are offered at Zambia Open University?

School of Business Studies

  • Bachelor of Business Administration.
  • Bachelor of Business in Accounting.
  • Bachelor of Business in Banking and Finance.
  • Bachelor of Business in Human Resource Management.
  • Bachelor of Science in Financial Mathematics and Economics.

Is distance learning full or part time?

DISTANCE EDUCATION : Distance education and Correspondence are same. PART TIME: This is a sort of program designed for software professionals. People can go to colleges to attend classes after their working hours. DISTANCE EDUCATION : Distance education and Correspondence are same.

What programs are offered at Unza?


  • Bachelor of Adult Education.
  • Bachelor of Agricultural Science with Education.
  • Bachelor of Arts with Education.
  • Bachelor of Arts with Education in Zambian Cultures and Ceremonies.
  • Bachelor of Arts with Library and information Studies.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Records and Archives Management (Baram)

How many points are needed for medicine in Zambia?


Subject Points Points
English Language 6 or better 6 or better
Mathematics 4 or better 4 or better
Biology/Agric. Science 6 or better 6 or better
Chemistry 6 or better 6 or better

How much is a half course at Unza?

Details of UNZA Undergraduate Fees 2022/2023

Year of Study Amount Type
All Years K4,948.00 Full Course
All Years K2,474.00 Half Course