How much is Nikon D300S?

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This item Nikon D300S 12.3MP DX-Format CMOS Digital SLR Camera with 3.0-Inch LCD (Body Only) (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Nikon D300 DX 12.3MP Digital SLR Camera (Body Only) (Renewed)
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Color Black BLACK
Continuous Shooting Speed 7 3

When was Nikon D300S released?

30 July 2009
The Nikon D300S is a 12.3-megapixel DX format digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR) announced by Nikon on 30 July 2009. It replaced the D300 as Nikon’s flagship DX format DSLR adding HD video recording (with autofocus).

Is D300S full frame?

Both the D3 and D300 are pro-grade cameras, and share many of the same revolutionary features. While the D3 breaks new ground for Nikon with a full-frame sensor (called FX) at 12.1 megapixels, the D300 nearly matches that resolution at the old DX-size recording a 12.3 megapixel image with a 1.5x crop factor.

What replaced Nikon D300s?

Replacement Cameras In February Nikon announced that the D7100 would replace the D300s as their flagship DX format camera; this would later be replaced in 2016 by the D500. The D7100 features the same Mutli-CAM D3500 DX module as the D300s.

Does Nikon D300s have live view?

Nikon D300 Live View. Turning the D300’s Release dial to LV sets the camera to Live View mode, which starts when you subsequently press the shutter release button. Like all DSLRs with Live View, there’s a slight pause as the camera flips its mirror up and the shutter open.

Is Nikon D300 DX or FX?

The Nikon D300 is a 12.3-megapixel semi-professional DX format digital single-lens reflex camera that Nikon Corporation announced on 23 August 2007 along with the Nikon D3 FX format camera.

What is the difference between DX and FX cameras?

In digital SLR cameras, the camera’s format refers to the size of its image sensor. Nikon makes a DX-format sensor and an FX-format sensor. The DX-format is the smaller sensor at 24x16mm; the larger full frame FX-format sensor measures 36x24mm which is approximately the same size as 35mm film.

Can Nikon D300s record video?

As such, the D300s can record video at 320×216, 640×424 or 1280×720 pixels, all at 24fps and with sound recorded using either the built-in mono microphone, or in the first major enhancement, an external microphone connected to the new 3.5mm stereo jack – this makes the D300s the first Nikon DSLR to feature a microphone …