How much is Nirvana Bleach album worth?

Nirvana Bleach $3000 Now they are ironically more valuable! Maybe a couple hundred of these exist. Still in print, you can get a boring black vinyl copy of Bleach for about $16, making this collectible edition worth about 187 copies of the version in stores now.

Does Nirvana have vinyl records?

Nirvana’s self-titled, double platinum-selling collection `Nirvana’ makes its vinyl debut on 33rpm single LP 150-gram standard weight vinyl edition which will feature a download card for 320kbps MP4 audio.

How much does Bleach record cost?

Bleach cost all of $600 to record, and the band didn’t even pay for it themselves. A guitar player and friend, Jason Everman, fronted the money in return for what amounted to an album credit and the chance to play some tour dates with Nirvana.

How much did Nirvana make from Bleach?

Endino billed the band thirty hours of recording at $606.17. Jason Everman, a guitarist who was impressed by Nirvana’s demo with Dale Crover, supplied the money.

What is the rarest Nirvana CD?

Generally, it’s Nirvana’s pre-Nevermind releases that are considered the most valuable, and most of this list focuses on that era. Initial runs of records came on colored vinyl; singles and EPs featured songs that then weren’t available on any other release.

Is Bleach the best Nirvana album?

Bleach is by far the best Nirvana album. It couldn’t be more different to the over-produced and slightly pompous follow-up Nevermind. It’s raw and viseral from beginning to end but for me the best part was when you flipped over the tape (yes, tape) to side 2 and opening chords of Negative Creep are unleashed. Genius.

How much did it cost to record Nevermind?

With a budget of $65,000, Nirvana recorded Nevermind at Sound City Studios in Van Nuys, California, in May and June 1991.

How many albums have Nirvana sold?

Since its debut, the band has sold 27.6 million albums in the United States alone, and over 75 million records worldwide.