How much is Rebif monthly?

Current Cash Prices for a One-Month Supply of MS Medication

Drug Name (Manufacturer) Dose Walmart
Gilenya (Novartis) 0.5MG CAP (28) $5,372.18
Rebif (Merck KGaA/Pfizer) 44MCG/0.5SYG INJ (12) $5,150.54
Tecfidera (Biogen Idec) 240 MG CAP (60) $5,139.01

What does Rebif Rebidose treat?

Indication: Rebif® is a prescription medicine used to treat relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis, to include clinically isolated syndrome, relapsing-remitting disease, and active secondary progressive disease, in adults.

Does Rebif cause weight gain?

Changes in weight, such as weight gain or weight loss, haven’t been reported as common side effects of Rebif. However, weight changes may be a sign of liver damage, which is a possible side effect of Rebif.

How do you use Rebiject 2?

Inject Rebif® medication. Press the injector release button and continue to hold the Rebiject II® in place on your skin for at least 10 seconds. The contents will be automatically injected.

Does Rebif weaken your immune system?

This medicine does not suppress the immune system, and patients taking it do not have an increased risk of infection. Rebif® slows the course of multiple sclerosis when used regularly over long periods of time.

What company makes Rebif?

EMD Serono and Pfizer Announce FDA Approval of Rebif® Rebidose® (interferon beta-1a) | Pfizer.

What pharmaceutical company makes Rebif?

How long has Rebif been on market?

Rebif was approved in Europe in 1998 and is registered for use in more than 70 countries worldwide. During 2001, Rebif increased its leading position as the treatment of choice for patients with relapsing forms of MS with a market share of 38% in value terms and sales of $379.6 million outside the US.

Can MS be brought on by stress?

Several studies have shown that stressful life events are associated with a subsequent significant increase in risk of multiple sclerosis (MS) exacerbations.

How is Avonex supplied?

All AVONEX dosage forms are single-use (injection of reconstituted solution, prefilled syringe, and prefilled autoinjector). See Patient’s Instructions for Use for complete administration instructions.