How much is the commission on IG?

IG charges a commission fee per trade, starting from 0.2 minimum available spread on CFD Indices, a flat 0.10% on Singapore CFD stocks and ETFs (minimum S$10), and $0.02 per share on US CFD stocks and ETFs (minimum US$10).

How much does IG charge per trade?


Number of trades (in previous month) Commission per trade* (incl GST)
3+ trades $5 / 0.05%
0-2 trades $8 / 0.1%

Is IG market commission free?

Commission fees Buy and sell US and international shares at $0 commission. For active traders, pay just $5 commission, or 0.05%, on all Australian shares if you’ve traded shares three or more times in the previous month. Otherwise pay just $8 commission, or 0.1%, on Australian shares.

Does IG forex charge commission?

Our standard charge is 0.5%.

Does IG trading take commission?

Our standard charge is 0.5%. For relevant share dealing transactions on share dealing accounts, we will convert currencies at the time of execution based on the best available bid/offer exchange rates, plus our spread of 0.5%.

Does IG have an inactivity fee?

IG inactivity fee. IG does apply an inactivity fee and it is $/£12/€14 per month after 2 years of inactivity. This means that you need to be strategic about your trading activity to avoid getting charged after a longer time of no trade.

How do CFD providers make money?

The main way we earn money on our leveraged products – eg CFD trading – is through the spreads that we wrap around the market price. The costs of any given trade are factored into these two prices (known as the offer and the bid), so you will always buy slightly higher than the market price, and sell slightly below it.

What is CFD IG?

CFD trading is defined as ‘the buying and selling of CFDs’, with ‘CFD’ meaning ‘contract for difference’. CFDs are a derivative product because they enable you to speculate on financial markets such as shares, forex, indices and commodities without having to take ownership of the underlying assets.