How much money do you give for a 30th birthday?

Most people fell into one of two camps: The first being that $50-60 was a good benchmark (dangit). The second group was adamant that $30 was more than enough. (“Especially if they aren’t throwing a big party,” one woman added.)

What should I do for a surprise 30th?

Here are just a few of our favourite 30th birthday surprise ideas if you want to do 30 surprises for her 30th birthday:

  • Go to her favourite pub.
  • Play karaoke.
  • Throw a dinner party.
  • Go to an escape room.
  • Go on a hike.
  • Have a spa day.
  • Go to a concert.
  • Cook her favourite meal.

Is 30 a big birthday?

In adulthood, the 30th birthday is commonly a major milestone. And on this birthday, many people often feel much older than they actually are. So if your birthday honoree is a good sport with a sense of humor, it can be funny to throw them an “over the hill” birthday party.

What should I do for her 30th birthday?

30th birthday ideas

  • Camping. Or, since you’re now 30 and probably don’t want to sleep on the floor anymore, glamping.
  • Watch a movie and have a picnic in your backyard. Consider a drive-in movie or a watch party through a streaming service.
  • Tour a brewery.
  • Go on a road trip.
  • Get a haircut or dye your hair.
  • Go skydiving.

How do I celebrate my husband’s 30th birthday?

23 Perfect 30th Bday Ideas For Your Husband

  1. A Unique Gift Box of 30th Bday Ideas for Husband.
  2. His New Favorite Tool Box.
  3. A Birthday Gift You Won’t Have to Bluff About.
  4. A Manly Sign for His Manly Hobby.
  5. A Beer Mug for His Big 3-0.
  6. Tablet Time.
  7. Legendary 30th Birthday Ideas for Husband.
  8. A Hole-in-One Present.

How do you celebrate Dirty 30?

8 of the Best Dirty 30 Birthday Ideas

  1. 1) Brunch Birthday. Sundresses and mimosas are a fun way to celebrate a birthday.
  2. 2) Mixology Class.
  3. 3) Private Cooking Party.
  4. 4) Wine Tasting.
  5. 5) Game Night.
  6. 6) Bar Crawl.
  7. 7) Destination Celebration.
  8. 8) A Classic Dinner.