How much torpor does a narcotic trap do?

240 torpor
One set (2 crafted) of narcotic traps applies 240 torpor.

How do you make narcotics fast in Ark?

Harvest them with a pick or hatchet to get hide, keratin, oil and LOTS of spoiled meat. Killing vultures in the desert also gives you a lot of spoiled meat. You can make narcotics in the chemistry bench and if you do that you will get way more narcotics then you normally get from a mortar and pestal.

How do you use IED in Ark?

Place two of these near each other to create an explosive trap. Grenade, it can be placed in pairs to create traps. The IED can be triggered by anyone crossing the tripwire, including the creator and tribe members.

How do you use narcotics in Ark Mobile?

You will, however, want to force feed it Narcotics or Narcoberries to make sure it stays asleep until it is fully tamed. To do this simply put the Narcotics in the dino’s inventory, select them, and click Remotely Use Item.

Are Narcoberries better than narcotics?

The reason that narcoberries are superior is because it takes at least twice as long for them to reach max torpor. Keep in mind that while torpor is increasing due to a narcotic effect, it does not deplete at all.

How do you force feed narco berries?

You will want to give the targeted dinosaur narcotics or narcoberries, but as it’s not exactly tasty food, it will refuse. Activate force-feeding by putting the food items in the dinosaur’s inventory and pressing E.

How does a bear trap work?

Bear traps consist of two steel jaws, two leaf springs and a trigger in the middle, usually a round pan. When an animal steps onto the trigger, the jaws snap shut on its leg; the animal is unable to escape. The more the animal struggles, the more the trap’s springs tighten the jaw.

Are bear traps reusable in Ark?

The Large Bear Trap is an item used to immobilize larger creatures in Ark Survival Evolved. Once placed, the trap can be picked back up by the tribe that owns it, so long as the tribe member is approved for demolition, however the trap may not be picked up if it has been sprung, only be demolished.

How much damage does an IED do in Ark?


Weapon/Structure Thatch Wood
Improvised Explosive Device (pair) * 7875
Rocket Propelled Grenade * 7350
Tek Rifle 1260 536
Tek Grenade 2625 1115