How often is California statement of Information due?

every two years
California corporations must file a California Statement of Information every year. California LLCs and nonprofits will file every two years.

How often do I have to file a statement of Information in California for LLC?

Every California and registered foreign limited liability company must file a Statement of Information with the California Secretary of State, within 90 days of registering with the California Secretary of State, and every two years thereafter during a specific 6-month filing period based on the original registration …

How long is the statement of Information good for?

2 years
Every LLC in California is required to file a Statement of Information (sometimes referred to as a “Biennial Report”) every 2 years. Your first Statement of Information is due within 90 days of your LLC being approved.

What happens if you file statement of Information late?

Penalties for Late Filings File the California Statement of Information on time or face a late penalty of $250 (Profit entities) or $50 for Non-Profit Corporations. Also, the Secretary of State may suspend or forfeit the legal entity’s registration preventing all legal business.

What is Statement of Information filing in California?

In California a business’s annual report is called the Statement of Information. It’s a required filing that keeps the state updated with information about participants in the company. It must be filed on time, and the penalty for being late is hefty: $250, versus the filing fee of up to $25.

What happens if you don’t file a statement of Information in California?

What is ca statement of Information renewal?

When should I update my statement of Information?

In addition, any time there are information changes in between statutory filing periods, an updated statement should be filed. For faster service file Statements of Information, Common Interest Development Statements and Publicly Traded Disclosure Statements online at