How often should a commercial oven be cleaned?

Commercial catering ovens should be deep cleaned by a professional service at least once every six months, too.

How do you clean a commercial kitchen?


  1. Wipe down walls.
  2. Clean the grill, griddle, range, flattop and fryer.
  3. Change foil lining on top of ranges, grills and flattops.
  4. Wipe down other equipment: coffee makers, microwaves, toasters and slicers.
  5. Disinfect prep area surfaces.
  6. Clean beverage dispenser heads and soda guns.
  7. Clean sinks.

How do you take care of a commercial oven?

Read on for six tips aimed at safeguarding the ongoing performance of your commercial oven through proper cleaning.

  1. Schedule Daily Oven Cleanings.
  2. Control Crumbs.
  3. Remove Racks.
  4. Wipe Down Walls and Doors With Warm Water or Industrial Oven Cleaner.
  5. Schedule Monthly Cleanings.
  6. Manage Spills and Boil-Overs Immediately.

How do you maintain a commercial oven?

How to Clean Ovens and Pizza Ovens

  1. Disconnect the power and gas supply.
  2. Cool the oven and remove wire racks and supports – clean them separately in a tub.
  3. Use warm water and soap on the interior, and use a nylon brush and rags if there’s baked on grease.
  4. Avoid steel wool and scourers as they can damage the surface.

Are you allowed to use bleach in a commercial kitchen?

Although bleach is an unquestionably effective weapon in the fight against harmful bacteria and food poisoning, Health and Safety inspectors are now advising against the use of chlorine and similar bleaching agents as a means of decontaminating food preparation surfaces and cooking equipment.

How long does it take to clean an oven professionally?

around 2 hours
How long does a professional oven clean take? Professional oven cleans tend to take around 2 hours, depending on the size of your oven and if you want anything additional cleaned, such as the hobs.