How tall is the Willow Tree Creche?

17”h x 20”w x 11.5”d.

What comes in the Willow Tree Nativity?

As enduring as the story it portrays, this complete Willow Tree Nativity scene beautifully represents the awe and wonder of the Christmas Story. This set includes Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, and many other notable figures from the story. Figurines made of resin, others from wood & metal.

What does creches mean?

Definition of crèche 1 : a representation of the Nativity (see nativity sense 1) scene. 2 : day nursery. 3 : a foundling hospital. 4 : a group of young animals (such as penguins or bats) gathered in one place for care and protection usually by one or more adults.

How many pieces is the Willow Tree Nativity?

The classic Nativity Set provides the basis for a continuing tradition… start with the six-piece Nativity Figurines and Crèche, and continue to build with The Three Wisemen, Shepherd and Stable Animals, Little Shepherdess, the Zampognaro and many more pieces… it’s a gift-giving opportunity for many years to come.

What does a Willow Tree symbolize?

It’s a symbol of fertility and new life, a willow branch can be planted in the ground and from it, a new tree will grow in its place. Its ability to grow and survive is powerfully symbolic and show how we can thrive even in challenging conditions.

Why do Willow Tree Angels have no faces?

Through her artistic creations, Willow Tree pieces are able to express feelings through simple-yet-elegant body gestures– and no faces. In order for the person looking at a figurine to become more of a participant in what’s happening with the piece of art, Lordi decided to not have faces on her figurines.

Who makes Willow Tree?

artist Susan Lordi
Willow Tree is a line of figurine sculptures created by artist Susan Lordi in January 2000.

Is Willow Tree made from wood?

What are Willow Tree® figures made of? The original of each Willow Tree figure is sculpted and carved by Susan Lordi using a special sculpting clay. Susan’s originals are then sent to a factory in China to be cast in resin that exactly captures each of her knife marks.