How to open green door Lego villains?

Switch to Captain Boomerang and head to the left gazebo, then tap the interact button to make him throw an explosive boomerang. This will break open the door allowing you to reach the second green orb.

Where is the potent plant on Belle Reve?

Potent Plants 9/10 – The plant is about half way along the bridge to Belle Reve. when you find them and they will make their way back to him. Once you have found all 5, return to him and you will gain his character token.

How do you get red brick in Lex Corp?

It’s located on the top floor of LexCorp but before going into the Rooftop Rukus area. At the right side of the reception area is a door with number wheels across the top and numbers to the left.

What does the DC captions red brick do?

The Stage 12 Red Brick is DC Captions, which creates classic comic onomatopoeias onscreen with each hit. It’s located on the left side of Themyscria.

How do you get the red brick in Harley and the ivy?

The Harley and the Ivy After you reach the group located on the top of the Communication Tower, fly up and destroy a silver Lego statue. There will now be a lantern build available which will give a Red Brick after its built.

How do you get livewire in DC super villains?

Nevertheless, it’s Livewire who proves the most useful throughout the game, and she’s unlocked by merely completing Level 5. Shrinking into circuits and charging electrical items are vital skills for puzzle solving, and she’s possibly the only character that has both.

Who plays Batman in LEGO DC Super Villains?

Kevin Conroy
Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill reprise their roles as Batman and the Joker in this game, instead of Troy Baker and Christopher Corey Smith.

What is telephone terror?

Telephone Terror is one of the 15 Challenges that reward Gold Bricks. This one requires you to destroy 10 phone booths scattered around Metropolis. All are the same size and can be destroyed with any attack.