How to remove a share on OpenMediaVault?

How to Fix, OpenMediaVault (OMV) can’t delete Shared Folder (Delete button greyed out)

  1. Login to OMV web gui.
  2. Click/Navigate to Access Rights Management -> Shared Folders.
  3. Click on Reset Permissions Tab.
  4. Besides Shared Folder field, Click on None.
  5. Click on Save button.

What is ACL OMV?

chown -R user1:users folder1 (user1 could be user name in omv and users is the primary group for users in omv) ACL is like a program running over the filesystem that can control access to the filesystem. If someone wants to explain that feel free.

Does OpenMediaVault support NTFS?

Of course you can, OMV supports NTFS read/write very well. Just plug it on your server and mount it from the File Systems menu.

How do I access OpenMediaVault?

Open a web browser and enter http:// followed by your IP address: to go to the web login: Enter the default login details user: admin, password: openmediavault: And the OpenMediaVault Admin interface appears.

How do I reset my media vault?

How do I reset it? Simply connect via ssh into the server or login locally on the machine and type in: omv-firstaid. There is an option to reset the web interface password.

How does OpenMediaVault work?

OpenMediaVault is a Debian based special purpose Linux Distribution to build a Network Attached Storage (NAS) System. It provides an easy to use web-based interface, Multilanguage support, Volume Management, Monitoring and a plugin system to extend it with LDAP, Bittorrent, and iSCSI capabilities.

What to do after installing OpenMediaVault?

Installation and configuration

  1. Set up your drives. Once you’ve installed openmediavault, you need it to actually do stuff for you. The first logical step is to set up the drives that you’re going to use for storage.
  2. Define your shares. Sweet! You’ve got a place to store files.
  3. Configure users. You’re almost done.

Does OpenMediaVault support ZFS?

Open Media Vault (OMV) is built on Debian, which supports ZFS. However, you have to install the OMV-Extras plugin to get it working on OMV.

Can Windows read ext4?

Ext4 is the most common Linux file system and is not supported on Windows by default. However, using a third-party solution, you can read and access Ext4 on Windows 10, 8, or even 7.