How would you describe oblivion?

Definition of oblivion 1 : the fact or condition of not remembering : a state marked by lack of awareness or consciousness seeking the oblivion of sleep drank herself into oblivion. 2 : the condition or state of being forgotten or unknown contentedly accepted his political oblivion …

What does oblivion mean in poetry?

oblivion noun [U] (NO MEMORY) the state of being completely forgotten: He was another minor poet who was consigned to oblivion.

What is oblivion fear?

A fear of oblivion (athazagoraphobia) is defined as the fear of being forgotten and forgetting.

What does oblivion mean in the fault in our stars?

Augustus’s biggest fear is oblivion, that in leaving the world he will not be remembered. This is something that Hazel embraces, and their opposing views bring them together. “Almost everyone is obsessed with leaving a mark upon the world.

What does it mean to fall into oblivion?

1. To become lost to obscurity; to not be known or remembered by anyone. The poet fell into oblivion after the war, only coming back into public awareness after an archive of his works was discovered in the basement of an abandoned warehouse in East Germany.

What is the fear of oblivion?

Does Oblivion mean death?

the act or process of dying out; complete annihilation or extinction: If we don’t preserve their habitat, the entire species will pass into oblivion.

What is the fear of being left behind called?

For some, the condition can bring strong feelings of panic, anxiety, stress, and fear. In severe cases, you might experience physical or psychological reactions that interfere with your daily life. Athazagoraphobia is a fear of forgetting someone or something, as well as a fear of being forgotten.

Why does Augustus Waters fear oblivion?

Seventeen year old Augustus has had his own struggle with cancer, which led to the amputation of his leg. He has a slightly pessimistic view about life and expresses his thoughts through metaphors. Augustus’s biggest fear is oblivion, that in leaving the world he will not be remembered.