Is 895 the same as I-95?

Interstate 895 (I-895) is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Maryland. Known as the Harbor Tunnel Thruway, the highway runs 14.87 miles (23.93 km) between one junction with I-95 in Elkridge and another interchange with I-95 on the east side of Baltimore.

How far underwater is the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel?

The tubes themselves range from a depth of 50 feet (15.2 m) below ground to 101 feet (30.8 m) below ground.

Is the Fort McHenry tunnel underwater?

The Fort McHenry Tunnel, the world’s widest underwater vehicular tunnel, carries I-95 under the harbor near historic Fort McHenry and close to downtown Baltimore. It was opened in 1985 and is part of a network of harbor crossings providing service to local and interstate traffic.

Are there 2 tunnels in Baltimore?

Two tunnels beneath Baltimore Harbor are important routes for local traffic and a substantial portion of vehicles passing through the area on I-95, the East Coast’s busiest and important highway for personal and commercial travel.

How much is the toll on 895 in Baltimore?

E-ZPass Maryland Rates:

Axle Count Current Rates
Commuter $1.40
2-axle $3.00
3-axle $8.00
4-axle $12.00

Is the 895 tunnel under water?

Tugs then towed the sections to the construction site. The tunnel was built using the opentrench method — prefabricated sections were sunk in a trench dredged in the Baltimore Harbor’s bottom, and the sections were joined under water.

Can RV go through Baltimore tunnel?

Some RVs can travel through both the Baltimore Harbor and Fort McHenry tunnels in Baltimore, Maryland. However, hazardous material restrictions prevent any RV carrying more than 10lbs of propane in a container from traveling through either tunnel.

How deep is the Baltimore Harbor?

Today, the main channel reaches 51 feet down and 700 feet across. Brewerton Channel was widened further to 50 feet deep and 700 feet wide in 2001. In 2012, the Seagirt Marine Terminal berth also was deepened to 50 feet.