Is aillwee cave worth visiting?

Are the Aillwee Caves worth visiting? Yes – especially if you’re visiting the area and it’s raining!

How were the aillwee caves found?

The cave was discovered in 1944, when a farmer named Jack McGann followed his dog, who was chasing a rabbit. The farmer did not explore very far into the caves, and did not tell anyone of the find for nearly 30 years. He told cavers of the cave in 1973 and that summer the cave was explored as far as a boulder choke.

Who found the Ailwee caves?

farmer Jack McGann
Aillwee Cave was first discovered in 1940 by local farmer Jack McGann who followed his dog into the cave. It wasn’t until 1973 that he told cavers about it and by 1977 the cave had been fully explored and mapped.

How old is the aillwee caves?

It was formed by glacial melt waters that seeped through the cracks in the limestone pavement during an early ice-age. It is the oldest cave in the Burren at 1.5 million years old, and boasts some of the most spectacular stalactites and stalagmites in Ireland .

How old are the aillwee caves?

When was the aillwee caves discovered?


Is Aillwee Cave open to the public?

Aillwee Cave was discovered in 1940 by Jocko McGann when his dog ran into it. It opened as a show cave in the 1970’s. The tour covers about half a kilometer of very manageable walking. The cave extends for another kilometer but that part isn’t open to the public.

Is Santa at Ailwee Caves worth it for a 7-year-old?

This was our first visit to Santa at Ailwee caves with our 7-year-old boy. We have done five other venues throughout the years and this was by far the best experience. The staff were lovely and for the first time felt we got value for money.

Are there Bears in Aillwee Cave?

Since bears have been extinct in Ireland for over 1,000 years, we were not too worried about running into any. However, although there are no bears, Aillwee does house a resident bat colony; albeit not along the tour route. We learned that the stalactites on cave ceilings are formed from dissolved limestone, called calcite.

How much does it cost to visit Santa Claus in caves?

Just visited Santa in Caves with my husband and children aged 6 and 5. The kids tickets cost 33 euro each and dh and I had to pay 14 e each for the privilege of visiting Santa with our kids!!. Way too expensive I feel.