Is Ajay related to Pagan Min?

Pagan treats Ajay like his son even though he is his step-father. Pagan is very patient towards Ajay and gives him plenty of chances. Pagan Min is not the uncle of Ajay, but in one of the radio chats, he says, “Just checking in on my favorite nephew” and referred to himself as “Uncle Pagan here.”

What race is Pagan Min?

Character overview According to Far Cry 4 narrative director Mark Thompson, Min took the name of a historical Burmese king from the 19th century after the death of his father, because he did not want to say that he killed his own father, but named himself after the man who did.

Is Pagan Min wearing a wig?

Trivia. According to Pagan and due to the fact he wears a blonde wig, Eric has problems with baldness. If the player kills Eric by Vehicle Takedown, Ajay would find out that Eric uses a wig.

Is Pagan Ajay’s dad?

Mohan Ghale is a character who appears in Far Cry 4, and the secondary antagonist of Pagan: Control. He is Ajay Ghale’s father and the founder of the Golden Path.

What is the relationship between Ajay and Pagan Min?

Pagan Min — While Pagan Min displays a consistently affectionate attitude toward Ajay, borderline fatherlike, Ajay sees him as a psychopathic, manipulative tyrant. Pagan treats Ajay’s hunt for him as a sort of game and never loses his cool with Ajay.

How does pagan treat Ajay during his hunt for him?

Pagan treats Ajay’s hunt for him as a sort of game and never loses his cool with Ajay. From the outside, Pagan plays the part of a typical dictator, oppressive and ruthless to his people and country.

What kind of character is Ajay Ghale?

Ajay Ghale is a quiet man of few words and begins his journey innocently enough. Though he doesn’t appear to have had any training in combat or weaponry, Ajay quickly learns what it takes to survive and his determination and sense of right and wrong are driving forces in his development.

How did Pagan Min intercept Ajay’s bus?

Pagan Min learned of Ajay’s passage via the border with India and gave orders for Ajay’s bus to be intercepted. The operation is botched, as the soldiers tasked with stopping the bus open fire on it when Golden Path members emerge from within. Immediately after, Pagan arrives via helicopter.