Is Andrea from Colombia?

Andrea Espada is a Colombian who is a popular model, actress, YouTuber, and a well-known social media personality….Andrea Espada Wiki/Biography.

Full Name Andrea Espada
Date of Birth 17 August 1986
Age 34 Years
Birth Place Colombia, South America
Profession Model, Actress, YouTuber, and Social Media Personality

Who is representing Colombia in Miss Universe?

Miss Universe Colombia organization, at a press conference held in Medellin yesterday, announced that María Fernanda Aristizabal is the new Miss Universe Colombia 2022 and will represent Colombia at Miss Universe 2022. She received the sash from Miss Universe Colombia 2021 Valeria Ayos.

Who is the new Miss Colombia?

Video: María Fernanda Aristizábal is the new Miss Universe Colombia 2022.

Where is Andrea from the royalty family from?

Andrea was originally born and raised in Colombia before moving to the U.S to pursue her career in entertainment with her family. At the early stages of her career, she was known as Selena Spice, then she used her real name Andrea Rincon. For more than 10 years she worked as a model.

What language does Andrea Espada speak?

Andrea is also fluent in both English and Spanish.

Who is the new Miss Colombia 2021?

Valeria Ayos
Miss Universe Colombia 2021 was the second edition of the Miss Universe Colombia pageant, held on October 18, 2021 in Bogotá, Colombia. Laura Olascuaga of Bolívar crowned Valeria Ayos of Cartagena as her successor at the end of the event.

How did Miss Universe lose her leg?

Daniella Alvarez, who represented Colombia in the Miss Universe pageant in 2012, had to have her left foot and part of her left leg amputated due to complications following a routine surgery. In May, she had surgery to remove a lump from her stomach.