Is Archer based on real life?

Archer’s title character was based on model Jason Fitzgerald, who posed for hundreds of photos to provide a reference for the animators. Meet the real-life inspiration behind Archer’s handsome mug, model Jason Fitzpatrick. Archer is an irreverent spy comedy that arrived on FX in 2009 and follows the titular character.

Who would play Archer characters in real life?

A Live-action Archer would even have several actors who fit each character perfectly.

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Who is Lana Kane based off?

Another one that most assumed was modeled after the voice actress, Lana actually isn’t based off of Aisha Tyler. She’s instead modeled after a waitress that creator Adam Reed met once and immediately asked to model for Lana.

Is it really Burt Reynolds in Archer?

Burt Reynolds will guest star as himself on FX’s animated series Archer. Archer features the voices of H. Jon Benjamin, Judy Greer, and Aisha Tyler. The third season of Archer is already underway, and a new episode in January will bring a special visitor to FX’s animated comedy series.

Who is Cheryl TUNT modeled after?

CHARACTER: Cheryl Tunt, Malory’s secretary and psychotic heiress MODEL: Siobhan Price, writer/producer of Adult Swim–sponsored promotions VOICE ACTOR: Judy Greer Siobhan is friends with many people on our staff, having worked for Adult Swim in Atlanta.

Who could play Sterling Archer?

As far as casting Sterling Archer (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin) in a potential live-action Archer film, well, the team has only one actor in mind. “It’s Jon Hamm,” says Thompson, firmly. “If Archer goes live-action, I do believe it will be Jon Hamm.

What is tattooed on Pam’s back in Archer?

On her back, Pam Poovey has tattoos of 13 tally marks (most likely referring to the number of people she killed in underground fight clubs she took part in to pay for college, in reference to “12 jurors 1 judge,” indicating time in prison) and an excerpt from the poem “The Destruction of Sennacherib” by Lord Byron For …

Is the TUNT family real?

Cheryl Tunt is a fictional character from the American animated comedy Archer, which aired on the basic cable network FX from 2009 to 2017 and currently broadcast on sister network FXX. Created by Adam Reed as one of the show’s original supporting characters, Cheryl is played by Judy Greer.

Who is Sterling Archer modeled after?

CHARACTER: Sterling Archer, superspy MODEL: Jason Fitzgerald, professional photographer/former model VOICE ACTOR: H. Jon Benjamin Out of all of our characters, Archer looks the least like the actor voicing him.

Who voices Burt Reynolds in Archer?