Is Bad Education suitable for a 13 year old?

Definitely not a 17+ I let my 13 year old child watch this and I though that the only bad part about it was the language. If your child knows that swearing is bad then I say let the watch this. I really enjoyed this program as a parent and I thought that letting my son watch it was a good choice.

Is Abbey Grove school real?

Abbey Grove School is a fictional rundown comprehensive school situated in in Watford or Tring, Hertfordshire.

Do Alfie and Rosie Get together?

She eventually becomes Alfie’s girlfriend and have since moved in together. She is played by Sarah Solemani.

Is Bad Education on Netflix?

Watch The Bad Education Movie | Netflix.

What is shameless age rating?

Ages 13+ Personally, I will admit that there is some pretty graphic content in this show. Children under the age of 13 probably shouldn’t watch it yet, but 13 and up is a good age because they need to learn about this kind of stuff, how drugs can affect you, sex, etc.

Why is bad teacher a 15?

There’s plenty of swearing (including uses of words like “s–t” and “f–k” in front of tweens and teens), sexual references and innuendoes (including some simulated sex and lots of talk about breast implants), as well as dope smoking and drinking.

Where was Bad Education series filmed?

Filming Locations (1) Battersea, London, England, UK (Disused buildings from the old Salesian College, which has now been demolished. Main school hall, Mural Corridor, School reception area, staffroom and Head Techer’s office were all used in filming.

Where was Bad Education movie filmed?

Where Is Bad Education Film Filmed? The films were based on Levittown, Long Island, New York, USA. Students from Division Avenue High School filmed the project.In this photo, New York’s Long Island.

Who does Alfie Wickers end up with?

At the end of series 2 he and Miss Gulliver start dating under her duress. He is good friends with Joe and always uses him as a scapegoat or as a ploy for a stupid idea, once asking him to turn gay for him….

Alfie Wickers
Full Name Alfred Wickers
Nick Name Dickers – Used by Mitchell Gay – Used by Mitchell
Aka Wickster

Did Alfie and Rosie break up?

In the second series, however, Alfie is upset to learn that they are not together, and that she has formed a lesbian relationship with her former student, Alex Scott. In the fourth episode of the second series, this relationship comes to an end.

Is the bad education movie set after the series?

This is a spinoff film, and does not fit into the TV series’ timeline.

Where can I watch Bad Education in the UK?

BBC iPlayer – Bad Education.