Is bandicoot a real word?

Etymology. The bandicoot is a member of the order Peramelemorphia, and the word “bandicoot” is often used informally to refer to any peramelemorph, such as the bilby. The term originally referred to the unrelated Indian bandicoot rat from the Telugu word Pandikokku (పందికొక్కు).

What does bloody galah mean?

Aussie Word of the Week Galah also means fool. As in Get out of it, you great bloody galah. Galahs are noted for erratically noisy behaviour, which seems pretty bizarre to humans (no doubt it all makes sense to them), hence a galah is a fool.

What does Hard Yakka mean?

work hard
“Hard yakka” means work hard. The word “yakka” – which first appeared in the 1840s – derives from the word for work (yaga). It comes from Yagara, an Indigenous language in Australia. In fact, many Australian English words derive from Indigenous languages.

Why is crash a bandicoot?

Characteristics. Crash was genetically engineered through the use of Cortex and Doctor Nitrus Brio’s Evolvo-Ray. Before escaping from Doctor Neo Cortex’s island fortress, Crash became romantically attached to a female bandicoot named Tawna, who was another one of Cortex’s experiments.

What does lizard drinking mean?

flat out like a lizard drinking The literal sense is to lie fully stretched out (like a lizard), and the figurative sense means as fast as possible. The phrase also alludes to the rapid tongue-movement of a drinking lizard. It is sometimes shortened, as in ‘we’re flat out like a lizard trying to meet the deadline’.

What does Starve the lizards mean?

exclamation of surprise
Aussie Word of the Week No, this isn’t the beginning of some peculiar anti-reptile campaign, rather, starve the lizards is a great Aussie exclamation of surprise that has sadly fallen out of use. Occasionally changed to stiffen the lizards, this scaly piece of slang was first recorded back in the 1920s.