Is cashew processing profitable?

Often Cashew nut processing business is considered profitable, and budding entrepreneurs can take this venture for long-term profits. The cashew nut processing business shall never run out of demand.

How can I process cashew nuts?

Generally the processing of raw cashew nuts into edible cashew kernel takes the following steps traditional method: roasting, shelling drying, peeling, grading, quality controls, fumigation and packaging. All these steps have to be conducted with care to obtain good quality and good grade kernels.

How do I start the cashew export business?

How to Start a Cashew nut Export Business?

  1. Get Market Overview. It is very important to take a market survey before starting any new business.
  2. Gather business knowledge.
  3. Select your marketing area.
  4. Fix your local supplier.
  5. Reliable shipping company and agent.
  6. Satisfy your buyers.

Where is cashew processed in India?

Cashew is grown in the western and eastern coastal areas and further island, and the major production states are Kerala, Andbra, Orissa, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa and Tamil Nadu; Meghalaya, Madhya Pradesh also have a small amount of production.

How do I start a wholesale cashew business?

List of registrations and permits required to start cashew nut business.

  1. Company registration: You can set up a small and medium-sized cashew nut processing plant as a company or your own business.
  2. GST registration:
  3. Business license:
  4. Environmental certificate:
  5. MSME/SSI registration:
  6. Boiler inspector license:
  7. Trademark:

Where are cashews processed?

Over half[3] of the world’s cashew new production is concentrated in just three countries: Vietnam, India, and the Ivory Coast.

How do you process a nut?

Common Processing Steps Most tree nuts undergo similar processing steps: often drying to prepare for cracking, size separation, cracking, air aspiration to separate shell fragments, color sorting to remove other defects, and a final hand sort and inspection before packaging.

Which country has the best cashews?

Tanzanian cashews are regarded as being one of the best quality origins in the world.

Which state is famous for Kaju?


States Area (ha) Production (tons)
Kerala 118,600 140,000
Karnataka 83,900 37,600
Goa 49,600 17,800
Maharashtra 66,700 69,000

How long does it take to grow cashew?

Sow seeds or plant a young tree. Choose fresh cashew seeds to sow for germination. Growing from seeds is a slower process and it may take up to five years for your cashew tree to yield fruit. For a faster growing process, buy a potted cashew tree from a garden center.

Which country has best quality cashew?