Is CEDEX a zip code?

Postcodes not ending with a 0 may indicate a special code, known as CEDEX (see below), or newest postcodes. In Paris, Lyon and Marseille, the last two digits of the postal code indicate the municipal arrondissement.

What is the region of Paris France?


Country France
Region Île-de-France
Department Paris
Intercommunality Métropole du Grand Paris

What are the area codes in France?

+33France / Dialing code

What is CEDEX on address in France?

Courrier d’Entreprise à Distribution EXceptionnelle
CEDEX is a postal sort code and is not geographical, it stands for Courrier d’Entreprise à Distribution EXceptionnelle – intended for recipients of large amounts of post, like companies or government departments. It is therefore specific to the company you are writing to, within the postal area concerned.

What is French CEDEX?

Noun. CEDEX m (plural CEDEX) Abbreviation of Courrier d’Entreprise à Distribution Exceptionnelle.: a postcode system used in France for bulk commercial postal mail.

How do I send registered mail to France?

  1. Line 1: Full name and title of addressee (optionally write the surname in capital letters)
  2. Line 2: Company name (if business letter)
  3. Line 3: Building name and number (optional)
  4. Line 4: Street number followed by street name (do not put any punctuation after the number)

How does the French postal system work?

Mail is delivered in France six days a week. The use of the five digit French postcode for national post is imperative. Stamps are sold in local newsagents and tabacs, as well as in La Poste branch offices. As there are often queues in small post-offices it pays to buy a book (carnet) or roll of stamps.