Is Chappie suitable for 12 year olds?

Parents need to know that Chappie is from South African director/sci-fi specialist Neill Blomkamp, who also made District 9. Despite the movie’s Short Circuit-meets-A.I. overtones, Chappie is far too violent to be appropriate for tweens or even young teens.

What age rating is Chappie?

Chappie is rated R by the MPAA for violence, language and brief nudity.

Was Chappie a bad movie?

“Chappie” is perhaps one of the most complexly bad movies I have seen in a long while. The film centers around Chappie, a police robot that has been given sentience by his programmer, Deon (Davi Patel).

Is up suitable for 5 year old?

Good for older kids and adults to enjoy.

Why is bright TV Ma?

Large amounts of foul language, multiple bloody murders, and full frontal nudity of multiple women.

Why was Chappie a flop?

Despite succeeding in achieving his vision, Chappie only made $102.1 million against a $49 million budget. It isn’t the worst failure in Hollywood history as it did at least make back its budget. But after marketing fees and other costs, it is unlikely the movie made a profit.

Are they gonna make a Chappie 2?

The movie has already attracted a cult following, but while some fans are eager to see what the title character does next, Chappie 2 definitely isn’t happening.

What is the best movie for a 3 year old?

Best movies for toddlers

  1. Mary Poppins. All kiddos should be so lucky as to have a nanny like Mary Poppins.
  2. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Who can resist Pooh and his crew?
  3. Up.
  4. Thomas and Friends: Journey Beyond Sodor.
  5. Dumbo.
  6. Elmo in Grouchland.
  7. Frozen.
  8. Despicable Me.

What age is Coco appropriate for?

PGCoco / MPAA rating

Can a 10 year old watch Bright?

Overall the movie is fine for mature 12 years old And up.